Why you should be using Twitter for your business

People use Twitter to discover what is happening around the world and to connect with each other. But I’m not going to be writing about how everyone uses the site, this post is about how the site can be used by businesses and why businesses should be and are using it.

First of all, here’s a little Twitter overview:twitter-png-hd-1

It is a social networking service that launched in 2006 that allows users to send out 140 character limited messages to their followers called ‘tweets’. Users then interact through liking, replying to tweets, and re-tweeting (sharing) or through direct messaging.

Now you are aware of what twitter is, let’s look at what it can do for business. Hundreds of millions of people use Twitter around the world and over 500 million tweets are posted each day. So being able to reach that amount of people from one platform is a big business advantage and will allow you to have a global audience for your products/services. Due to the character limit on tweets, it is usually easier to send out images if your wanting to send out a message you don’t think you can fit into 140 characters. Images also no longer count as characters on the site so even if you use an image you still have 140 characters to summarise the message you want to send out. Any type of business can benefit from using Twitter as not only can you build relationships with potential/existing customers, but with other businesses as well by showing your support for them and maybe even forming partnerships (and it’s also easy to keep an eye on the competition which is always good). Setting up a Twitter account for your business is also free, so you are getting the opportunity to connect with all these people and don’t even have to pay for it! (you can advertise on the site but I’ll go into that later.)

surveyAs I mentioned above Twitter allows you to connect and interact with your audience, but there are also functions on the site that allow you to survey and get feedback from them, such as posting a poll. So you could ask their opinion of a current product/service you offer or put a new idea for a product out there and see what response you get. Not only do you get valuable feedback from your customers, it will also make your customers feel more involved in your business.

public-relations-puzzle-d-render-illustration-word-blue-background-40480857It is also great for public relations, as you can easily monitor how people feel about your business, brand or particular product/service. You can also easily respond to posts about your business which is useful if a post is negative as it will allow you to address and resolve the issues the customer has and hopefully retain the customer if done correctly.

Twitter can also benefit your search engine optimisation strategy as tweets are indexed by google and so frequently tweeting relevant, high quality content may positively affect your company’s google rankings.

imagesThis next reason’s a big one, you get free analytics. The site provides you with a pretty extensive dashboard of metrics to track the performance of your tweets through, likes, retweets, replies and ranking them for you; giving you a good indication of what’s working and what’s not. They also even suggest people for you to follow with the same interests or if your followers are following them so you can expand your audience even more.

downloadNow, let’s get onto Twitter advertising, like Facebook, you can pay for advertising your business on Twitter. Advertising on Twitter runs on an auction based system so you can set your budget and bids and you will only pay when your ad/campaign receives an action, you will not be charged for actions you gain without the campaign. There are several types of twitter campaigns:


  • Website clicks/conversion campaigns (only charged for website clicks from the campaign)
  • Followers campaigns (only charged for gained followers from the campaign)
  • Tweet engagement campaigns (only charged for the engagements you get on the tweets you promote)
  • App installs/app engagement campaigns (only charged if the app install is from the campaign)
  • Lead campaigns (only charged for leads gained from the campaign)
  • Video view campaigns (only charged for video views from the campaign)
  • Pre-roll campaigns (follows same as the video view campaign type)

For more information on the cost of Twitter ads click here

Also if you’re unsure of how to set up any type of Twitter campaign, Twitter for business have guides to help you through every step of the way, to take a look at the available guides click here.

Then once your campaign is up and running, you can keep an eye on the progress and success of your campaign through the analytics available on the site. Click here to find out more



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