The Myths of Marketing

So.. everyone’s heard some form of myth about marketing, here’s some that I’ve found and why you shouldn’t listen to them.

domainHaving a website is good enough

It’s all well and good that you have a fully functional, good looking website but how are you going to make people aware of that website and your business? You’ve got to put yourself out there! I’m not saying go and get yourself a profile on every social media platform ever created because it’s not practical and not all sites will suit your industry. Think also about your competition, if your business only has a website you are not likely to be able to compete with them. Find out what they are using socially and use them too, just make sure you produce better quality, eye-catching content that projects the value of your products/services to your clients.

dislike-157252_960_720Negative reviews are bad for business

While no one likes their business to have a bad review, they are not really that bad for business. If a company has hundreds of five star reviews, potential customers may doubt the integrity of those reviews. Having a bad review on one of your products/services can give you the opportunity to build your reputation by responding professionally and providing options on how your business will rectify the bad situation the customer has experienced. Here at Black Rebel Group we think that giving a professional, well thought out response may be the difference between losing and retaining a customer. Also if other potential customers see that you care about the customer’s opinion and experience of your services rather than just them buying them, it may sway them towards purchasing something from you.

customer-service-1433639__180My client base is good already, I don’t need to invest in marketing

You can rely on your returning customers,you have to constantly be looking for ways to improve and venture into new markets and audiences in order to grow your client base and marketing is a good way to do this. You don’t have to pay through the roof for it either, there are some things you can do yourself either for free or for a small cost. It usually doesn’t cost anything to set up social media pages for your business and sites like Facebook allow you to set how much you want to spend on advertising whereas others work on a pay per click basis.

conversation-1468159_960_720Word of mouth is all we need for sales

While word of mouth is good, its well established and it works, it’s not the only way of bringing in sales. You don’t want to cut it out all together if it works, it works but you should be keeping up with the times and moving your business forward. You can integrate word of mouth into your social media, get people talking about your business electronically, reviewing it, posting pictures using your products/services. it will work just as well as someone recommending you to their friend.

One social media channel is enough

There is no definitive number on the amount of social media channels you need for your business. You certainly don’t need to be using all of them, but you also may be missing out is you are only using one of them. You need to think about who your audience is, what social media channels they are using (there’s no point in using something that your audience doesn’t use) and when they are using them in order to be able to decide where your business needs to be accessible from. You also need to look at if you’ll be able to use the site effectively in terms of content, for example, Pinterest would be a good platform for a florist as they can display the latest work they’ve created but it wouldn’t be a good platform for someone who works in the care industry.

hexagon-1743514__180Social media is only for personal use

This one I find silly, if a large amount of people are using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with each other and find out what’s going on in the world then what’s stopping you from putting your business on there, Black Rebel Group make use of a variety of different platforms? You want people to know about and see your business and so making use of the platforms that the majority of your audience uses is a no brainer and if the sites weren’t meant for businesses, they wouldn’t have business features.

target-1341379_960_720Social media isn’t good for targeting an older demographic

A lot of older people are using social media, especially sites like Facebook (I know my grandad is, some of the stuff he posts is embarrassing, but he is good at using it) so there is no reason to not use social media. Even if you feel that your audience demographic is older, you should still have a social media presence, you never know, someone you might not expect may want your product/service and its a great way for penetrating new markets.

browser-773215__180I have a logo so I have a brand

A logo is an important part of branding as it is the recognisable/identifiable aspect of your brand but it does not make up the entire brand. A brand includes people’s perceptions of your company and this is conveyed through your messages, how you respond to your customers and the customer’s experience of your products.

smartphone-1132677_960_720We don’t need to optimise for mobile

If you believe this myth, then I’m sorry to tell you that you are seriously missing out. Most people nowadays use mobile devices to access content online rather than a desktop. It allows them to browse websites, keep in touch with people, and check their emails while on the go. If your website, email newsletters, content is not optimised for mobile devices, your potential customer simply will not look at them as it requires more effort to look at a website that is not mobile optimised due to it not displaying correctly, if at all. You need to make it as simple as possible for people to access your content and mobile optimisation is a way to do this.

hand-157251_960_720Good marketing works instantly

This is simply not true, good marketing would involve monitoring and reviewing. You can’t put out a video and expect it to go viral because that just doesn’t happen. Sometimes marketing can involve trial and error, putting something out there and seeing how it is received by your audience; if it goes well then great but if it doesn’t, try something different. Not everything you put out there is guaranteed to make a difference to your sales or customer base, you have to be patient and keep trying, Black Rebel Group wouldn’t exist if we had stopped trying!!

shopping-1724299_960_720Everyone is a client

This is a bad way of thinking, if you believe that everyone is a client then you cannot say that you fully know your target audience. If you are posting your content thinking that “Everyone’s a client” you are probably not reaching the people who will be interested in the products/services you provide. I’m not saying stick to the people that will buy your products, branching into new markets is good for business but not everyone will be interested in what you can provide them and so not everyone is a client.

Digital marketing is all you need

While digital marketing is very good for reaching people and getting your content out there, it is not the be all and end all of marketing. You should still use traditional marketing alongside your digital marketing strategy as although many people go online to browse products, check reviews and interact with companies, there are still a large proportion of people who read newspapers/magazines. Also just using one form of marketing means that you are relying on it to bring in your customers. If you want to know where your customers are coming from, you could always ask them how they found out about you when they make a purchase, either face to face or through a questionnaire.

icon-1691290__180“It worked for them so it will work for us.”

While this can sometimes be true, it does not always work. Copying what someone has done exactly may not work for you as the company that originally used the idea will have catered it to the needs of their business. But if you do see something that works for a business in your industry there’s no harm in looking into that idea, if you see an aspect of it that you could utilise then use it! Just make sure that you are changing it to fit the needs of your business.

mail-128Email marketing is not longer effective

The truth is, email marketing can still be very effective, compiling and segmenting your own mailing list and syncing it into your content marketing activities can be beneficial. You just need to make sure that you don’t send the same email to everyone as the people in your mailing list will not be at the same stage of the buying process and you will need to cater your emails to fit in with this. You also need to ensure that the content in the email is high quality, works well and has the subject line make the receiver want to open it and don’t spam people with emails as they will lose interest.

The myths I’ve mentioned are just some of the ones you can find out there. But you don’t have to listen to them, in fact going into marketing with an open mind is a lot better than having doubts. You need to learn for yourself not go on what others have said, what happened to them may not happen to you.

Leave a comment with some of the myths you’ve heard, I’m sure we’ll end up with quite a long list. We’ll share some of the best one on the Black Rebel Group Facebook and Twitter pages.



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