Are you digitally ‘Fired’ up?

So, if you’re like many of us and you’ve sat, glued to your TV on a Thursday night for the last eleven weeks then you’ll know what I’m looking at this week, yes, you’ve guessed it! The Apprentice!

This week saw the semi-finals of the final five, its always interesting to see The Apprentice at this point because the secret is revealed – what is actually in those business plans? It would be lovely to know what the candidates are trying to pitch for at the start of the series, but I suppose if the cat is out of the bag, then we wouldn’t wonder how some of them manage to tie their own shoe laces!


In the semi finals we saw, Grainne McCoy, the make-up pioneer, she was looking to open a make-up academy in Northern Ireland, a make-up temping service, a make-up range – I truly felt exhausted after listening to her! You could see she had masses of enthusiasm for her project but after her interviews, it became apparent she had far too many spinning plates and where could she progress?

The next one to go was Jessica Cunningham, the scatty lady with the big presence, her business plan was quite interesting. Very much social media based, where her plan was to use social media and ‘D list celebrities’ to promote clothing (she had done this before but it had fallen on its bottom). Through digital marketing you could see how she could succeed and this is why many businesses fall by the wayside. When the Black Rebel Group spoke to local SMEs it was found that there is quite a gap of these businesses entering into the digital era, many still rely on the weekly local paper to advertise and don’t seem to grasp that there’s a whole new load of new clientele out there, who should be directing themselves into their businesses. The other problem that can then rear its ugly head is ‘TIME’, some business owners will set up social media platforms, post relentlessly for a month and then become too busy or bored. Again, through discussing needs of SMEs the Black Rebel Group concluded that again a good social media presence is something that needs TLC, a little like growing tomatoes!

The third candidate to be fired was Frances Bishop, a buyer of end of season children’s clothing and footwear, she had the experience of hiring and working with employees but watching her present her business her progression was High Street based, maybe if she introduced a E- commerce store then, it would have looked like a more enticing opportunity.


The last two standing in the final are: Courtney Wood a novelty gift designer and supplier, great for branding, but I’m not sure if the ‘Winners Cup Sippy Cup’ for babies will make waves, at least he’s thinking about the future, digital marketing and E commerce will serve the business well, if its done correctly.

Last but not least, Alana Spencer is the cake lady, and I’m almost certain she’ll win. Artisan sweet baked goods are really entering the market at the moment where catering is provided to the consumer market (a Mr Kipling french fancie isn’t really acceptable anymore). Again, a massive future ahead for Alana’s business if the digital presence is working extremely well and monitored.

Lets see who’s hired…



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