Marketing Trends for 2017

At Black Rebel Group, we feel that planning for the future is important especially when it comes to marketing and businesses. We’ve pulled together some of the trends we feel will continue to thrive in 2017.

play-468292_960_720Mobile video

First of all YouTube has reported that the consumption of video content on mobile devices increases by 100% each year. Video is well and truly in the forefront of social media at the moment and it will continue to be there for years to come. You only have to scroll down your news feed to see that a large percentage of the content on there is video.

Expiring Contentdownload


What I’m talking about in this point is apps such as Snapchat, where content is only available for a set amount of time before disappearing. Snapchat has continued to grow throughout 2016 and doesn’t show signs of stopping. It has even surpassed Facebook in terms of daily video views. Other apps have also adopted some Snapchat like features with Facebook messenger introducing filters and Instagram introducing Stories.

Snapchat can be difficult for businesses in some industries to utilise. But influencer marketing could be a possibility due to the amount of ‘influencers’ that already use the app and have large followings.

Interactive content

In 2017, marketers need to be looking at ways they can create content that keeps people engaged and interested. This means becoming more creative and interactive content is the way forward as research by Content Marketing Institute found that 81% of marketers believe that interactive content grabs attention better than static content. Attention spans are very low at the moment (some studies have found it to be around 8 seconds) and marketers will be and are competing for a person’s time and attention.

Interactive content can come in many forms: quizzes, polls, videos, contest, assessments and even infographics. Go check out an interactive infographic on the BBC website from 2014, which shows you how the earth has changed since you were born. All you need to do is put in your date of birth, height, gender and the units you would like the information in and it comes back with some pretty interesting facts. For example I tried it out at Black Rebel Group Ltd for ‘research’ purposes (obviously) and found out that on Mercury I am 87 Years old (I’m currently 21) and that during my lifetime there have been 46 solar eclipses and 96 major eruptions.

facebook-liveLive streaming

Interesting Facebook Live fact: People spend 3x longer watching live videos than non-live videos. So it is unsurprising that we will be seeing live videos continuing into 2017 and beyond. Live videos could be good for your business as it will give your audience an insight into what goes on day to day inside your company and it will also give them a chance to ask you any question they have about your products/services. Just don’t overdo it, going live everyday may cause your audience to lose interest and it can be quite annoying.

ffadb9cdf162be101daa6c9324a0228aChat bots

Using artificial intelligence, chat bots have made it easy for users to get answers to their questions quickly without the need to talk to an actual person. The use of a chat bot in a business also gives your customers real-time 24 hour engagement.

Chat bots can be used for a variety of things such as weather forecasting, news, ordering food and even as a personal stylist with H&M asking users to select which outfits they prefer from a set of images and then providing them with suggestions of products.

Influencer marketing

This focuses on key individuals that will help to drive out your brands message to your target audience rather than you doing directly. In order for influencer marketing to work, you have to make sure you are choosing the right individuals or ‘influencers’ so that they can connect with the audience you are wanting to reach. As said in a previous point, Snapchat could be useful for influencer marketing, you could let your chosen influencer take over your business’ Snapchat or let them post on their own using your products/services.

Virtual and Augmented Realitypokemon-1581771_960_720

The major augmented reality story of 2016 was Pokémon Go, with lots of people (young and old) running around trying to catch the little fictional monsters. There have also been quite a few virtual reality headsets released such as the Samsung Gear VR, HTC vive and even Google got in on the action with Google Cardboard. But while virtual and augmented reality have probably been on a list like this for the past few years, I feel that their popularity could still increase in 2017 .


I know one of the earlier points was mobile video, but everything mobile in general, will continue on into 2017 (and further). The internet is now accessed by more mobile devices than desktops, so if your content doesn’t display correctly, you could be missing out on sales. But optimisation is only one aspect of mobile marketing, there are others things such as mobile apps, mobile payments, mobile search and mobile only platforms to name a few. Keeping your business up to date with mobile technology will help you to compete with similar businesses in your area.

Search engine algorithm improvements

This is an obvious one, search engine algorithms are ever changing so why would it be different in 2017? Keep an eye out for updates so you can keep you SEO as fresh as possible and stick to the top of those search rankings.

There are obviously more that could go on here but we just thought we’d give you a few to get you thinking about what could be big next year.

And from everyone at Black Rebel Group Ltd,

Happy New Year!!




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