Social Media Statistics

At Black Rebel Group Ltd,  I hear and see the words social media many, many times everyday and with being in the marketing industry that is unsurprising. In this post, I’ll be compiling statistics from some of the major platforms. There will also be a few general social media stats thrown in for good measure.

Also, as Black Rebel Group is based within the UK, most of the general statistics will be based on data about the UK (hopefully) but for particular platforms, the data will more than likely be worldwide rather than for a particular country.

Firstly, it would be good to know just how much of the UK population actually has a social media account and according to a study carried out by Harris Poll on behalf of Hootsuite that is 77% of people. This is lower in comparison to America with 83%. Also, from the same study, they found that 34% of those in the UK with a social media account prefer to interact with a company on social media rather than in person.

Smartphones are very popular for viewing social media with 79% of users saying that they use their smartphone to access their social media accounts. (Vendasta). Research has also found that internet users have an average of 7 social media accounts which has increased from the reported 3 in 2012. (Small Business Trends)

Now, onto the platforms…


1.65 billion monthly active users. (Hootsuite)

1.09 billion daily active users on average. (Hootsuite)

Nearly 85% of daily active users are outside of the US and Canada.(Hootsuite)

Facebook is the most used app. (Hootsuite)

Average Facebook user has 155 friends, women have more on average than men (166:145).  (Hootsuite)

79% of internet users use Facebook  (Social Pilot)

54% of users only access Facebook through mobile devices (Social Pilot)

The top action performed on Facebook is clicking the like button (Vendasta)

50 million businesses use Facebook Pages.   (Hootsuite)

78% of advertising revenue comes from mobile ads (Brandwatch)


310 million monthly active users (Hootsuite)

83% active on mobile devices (Hootsuite)

79% of accounts are outside of the US (Hootsuite)

53% of users never post updates (Hootsuite)

24% of internet users use Twitter (Social Pilot)

130,000 advertisers are active (Hootsuite)

18% of social media marketers regularly user twitter ads (Social Pilot)

It supports more than 35 languages (Synthesio)


More than 400 monthly active users (Hootsuite)

32% of internet users use Instagram (Small Business Trends)

75% of users are outside the US (Hootsuite)

80 million photos per day on average (Hootsuite)

It has the highest per follower engagement rate of any of the social networks (Hootsuite)

68% of users engage with brands regularly using Instagram (Hootsuite)

12.6% more engagement is gained on posts with at least 1 hashtag (Social Pilot)


100 million monthly active users (Hootsuite)

A pin is repinned 11 times on average (Hootsuite)

Two thirds of all pins are from a business website (Hootsuite)

93% use Pinterest to plan or make purchases (Hootsuite)

31% of internet user use Pinterest (Social Pilot)

2 billion searches, on average, each month (Social Pilot)

Average time spent on Pinterest per day is 21 minutes (Vendasta)

76% of top brands use Pinterest (Vendasta)

40% of digital marketers use Pinterest (Vendasta)


433 million users in more than 200 countries (Hootsuite)

29% of internet users use LinkedIn (Social Pilot)

41% use it on mobile devices (Social Pilot)

2 new accounts are created every second (Social Pilot)

Males make up 56% of users, women 44% (Social Pilot)

67% of digital marketers say LinkedIn is a commonly used platform (Vendasta)

Having a professional photo on your profile gets 21x more profile views and 36x more messages (Vendasta)

As you know, there are more platforms than this available but I have included the ones that we use the most at Black Rebel Group Ltd. If you follow the links provided at the side of each stat, you’ll also find a couple more statistics/facts for each platform.

Do you have any interesting facts/statistics about any of the platforms mentioned above? or from any of the other platforms you use? Let us know in the comments along with a link to where you found it and we may even add it to the post.



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