Benefits and Limitations of Email Marketing

Email marketing, if used effectively, can make a big difference but many businesses do not make use of it either because they are unsure of how to do it or are unaware of the benefits it can have. We’ve put together just some of the benefits and limitations of this form of marketing.


One of the benefits of email marketing is that it is cost effective. There are no postage/packaging costs, no fees for advertising in a certain place or on a certain platform. You can pay for software to create, automate and track your email campaigns but there are plenty of free tools that are just as good such as Mailchimp and Benchmark.

The people you contact through email marketing have actually opted in to receive information about business and are interested in your products. So, sending them high quality content and offers will more than likely lead to a higher conversion rate.

As email campaigns are interactive, you can also make use of call to action buttons and make it easier and more convenient for those you target to buy the product/s they are interested in straight from the email.

As mentioned before there are lots of free tools you can use that make it really simple for you to create, distribute and monitor your campaigns. Here, at Black Rebel Group we think Mailchimp is a really good example, you can add your subscribers manually to your mailing lists or share a link for them to subscribe themselves. You can also segment your mailing lists if you want to send a message to specific people. It also makes it easy for you to create high quality, good looking email campaigns with a drag and drop designer and a range of templates. Once you’ve sent your finished email, Mailchimp has a reports section that allows you to monitor the open, bounce and click rate for each of your campaigns. You can also share campaigns across social media if you are looking to build your subscribers.

Email marketing has the added benefit of immediate responses as you don’t have to wait for postage or rely on a person seeing your ad in a newspaper or on a billboard and getting in touch. You could make use of this by sending discount codes or vouchers that only work for 24 hours to create a sense of urgency and prompts potential customers to make a purchase.


The big one is spam! People get a lot of emails, and servers have spam filters to remove any unwanted ones. Users can adjust what they see as spam and so it may be possible that your email campaign could end up in a spam folder, making it less likely for them to actually get the information you are sending to them.

The look of an email can change depending on what device is used to view them. So, you could have a beautiful looking email on a desktop but it displays terribly on a mobile device (not good, as a lot more people use mobiles to view their emails nowadays).  Your content such as images, videos and GIFs will also effect how quickly (or not so quickly) your email loads. This is important as attention span is short and if it takes too long your email is likely to be deleted or not read.

People have to want to open your email, if your email subject is boring, people won’t open it. If you inundate them with emails, they are likely to report them as spam, which could prevent you from sending emails in the future.

The benefits of email marketing definitely outweigh the limitations and there is no reason you can’t give it a try within your business or even run a couple of test campaigns to see if it makes a difference. If you have given it a go, let us know how it went (or is going) in the comments.



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