Now with stories!

Stories, or the story format seems to be taking over social media with nearly all of the major platforms jumping on the bandwagon. Although, Twitter seems to be doing it’s own thing and have not joined in the stories hype just yet, a lot of people used the platform to poke fun at the introduction of Facebook Stories.

downloadNow we all know that the stories featured originated on Snapchat and they announced that they had ended 2016 with 158 million daily active users.


instagram_app_large_may2016_200Instagram introduced a similar stories feature in August of last year and didn’t deny that they had taken inspiration from Snapchat. In a post on their blog published Thursday (13/4/17), they stated that they have over 200 million people using the Instagram stories feature per day.

This means that they are now more popular than Snapchat!

They went on to introduce new features such as selfie stickers, pinning and new geo filters. For the full story, go check out their blog post which I’ve linked above.

I don’t really use the stories myself, I tend to go on and mess with filters every so often on Snapchat or send stupid faces to a couple of my friend. I don’t think I’d ever catch myself using Facebook Stories though….

What do you think of the stories features?

Which do you prefer?

In other Snapchat news,

They are currently dealing with backlash from alleged comments made by their founder, during a meeting in 2015, that he doesn’t want to ‘expand into poor countries like India’ and the app was ‘only for rich people’. The company denies that these comments were made.

With nearly 4 million users in India, the comments have not been well received, Snapchat’s rating in the Apple store has reportedly dropped from 5 to 1 star and Twitter campaigns such as #UninstallSnapchat and #BoycottSnapchat were trending over the weekend. Indian hackers have also claimed to have released the personal information of 1.7 million Snapchat users. However this claim is denied by Snapchat.




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