Rebelling For Their Own Cause

Are you sitting too comfortably? Then we shall begin…

This post is about a business who use Black Rebel Group’s services, how they began their business and what new outlook they have had to take to progress. We wanted to share their story with you.

Our client’s business began a decade ago, at the time the client had recently been made redundant from their employed position and their partner was on long term sick. Thinking about what they could actually do to earn a living, because they had themselves and also a family to support, they then decided to start their own business. A very large gamble. One of our clients remembers asking their partner ’How do you feel about jumping off cliffs? You can hold my hand and we’ll jump together, we’ll either swim in the sea below or drown, but its up to you’…

Off the cliff they jumped…

planning marketing

Initially working on their ideas from their home which was a rented property and although, having some insight into the business, they needed to educate themselves into acquiring the new skills that were needed to make the business more viable. Through finding the correct stock and learning all the fundamentals of running the business. They had to work out how many customers they would need and also much they could afford to pay themselves (which wasn’t very much to start with, especially how one of the owners had to work a part-time job in the evenings to make ends meet).

After a few months of research, putting the findings into motion and making sure the business was financially and physically viable they decided to take the leap and open their business in new, small commercial premises, where just the two of them worked with each having a list of jobs within the business. Firstly, they checked out who was their main competition.

In the immediate local area, 200 yards away from the new premises was the first. This business had been established 15 years prior to them opening, it was a successful business offering the same as our clients, and had a steady flow of customers and were offering their services quite a lot cheaper than our client had planned to charge. Our client didn’t lower their prices to compete.

Due to this being a service industry their main focus was business to client (B2C) where they needed to get word out there that they were open and waiting for custom. They had a decent amount of footfall due to where the business was situated, but not everyone in the local area knew they were there, never mind a little bit further afield.

It was quite easy to advertise in the local paper but how could they guarantee the returns on this? especially how newspaper advertising wasn’t a cheap way to do things. One of the other things they did was print out 500 leaflets on their own computer, then they set out posting them through letterboxes in the local area. This brought two customers in, you might think this isn’t a massive return but remember, it was a new business that had just opened, the leaflets didn’t contain an offer just the information about opening the business. Something else was needed to get the business noticed and luckily we were riding on the crest of the new digital age.

On the itinerary was to check out what the competition was doing: did they have a website? Did they have any social media? The competitor 200 yards away didn’t have anything, so this was an opportunity. But, neither did any other business offering the same services in the area, that were less than six miles away. Our client looked at all the social media platforms available and made sure they were there with their digital presence, interacting with people who wanted and were interested in the services they had to offer. They also invested in a website, which was maintained regularly, with updates and offers. Our client then found that, doing all the jobs in the business wasn’t viable, they took on new staff and outsourced their marketing to Black Rebel Group Limited (us).

During the last ten years, our client has introduced new services into the business to progress the services offered. They now reach people all over the world. Bear in mind, that this business is a service business, they do not ship a product abroad the people have to come to them, to receive the service. Clients travel from Iceland, the USA and Australia just to visit the premises, they time their holidays in the UK so it coincides that they are able to visit, because they will not go anywhere else even in their own countries. Our clients were able to buy their own home within two years of opening the business and now invest in further property.

Our client now employs seven people. They are still developing and still pushing their business forward, we assist them with their social media and updating the businesses website by making sure that we are optimising their place on Google and creating a stable but forward moving digital presence. Our client is extremely open minded to business and the development of the business, they know times change and possibly in another twenty years, there could be another wave that will add another layer to business marketing but our client will be there welcoming it with open arms.

Oh, and the business 200 yards up the road, after 18 years in business it closed down.

time for change


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