Benefits & Limitations of Influencer Marketing

First of all what is it?

Rather than you sending out your brand’s message to your audience you collaborate with individuals that could have an influence over potential buyers and involve them in the marketing of your products/services.


Using the correct influencers i.e. ones that will already have an interest in your product will mean that you are reaching the correct audience for your products/services. For example, if you sell makeup for sensitive skin, it may be worth looking for beauty bloggers that have discussed that they have sensitive skin or if you sell health supplements, collaborate with fitness bloggers. The people that follow them will have an interest in what they do and what they post, so you are therefore reaching potential buyers of your products/services.

It saves you time and who doesn’t wish they had more time in the day! The influencers will do the promotion of your products/services for you, you just have to provide them with your product.

People value other people’s opinions when it comes to making purchase decisions. A positive review on a product, especially from someone that is well known or has a large following will build trust in your products and your brand.

What’s a better way to get your brand out there, than to be endorsed by someone with a large online following. As stated in a previous point, if you choose the correct influencers you are reaching people that will have an interest in your product.

People with a large following on the internet and social media can positively impact your SEO, they will already rank highly on search engines and so will be recognised as a credible source. Having links to your website/products/pages from their content will therefore have an impact on how you are ranked on search engines.


If you don’t research your influencers before getting them involved, there may be no point in even involving them. If they don’t have an interest in your product then neither will their audience.

You can’t just contact an influencer and demand that they promote your product. You have to build up relationships with them which will obviously take time so don’t just rely on influencer marketing, incorporate it into your marketing mix.

While this point isn’t exactly a limitation, it’s something you need to keep in mind. There are guidelines, an article from the BBC states that some celebrities and influencers have been warned to “clearly identify when they are promoting products”. The guidelines do also apply to marketing agencies.

There’s also no guarantee that it will actually work, however there’s no guarantee that any of your other strategies will work, it really comes down to if you are willing to take the risk.

Have you ever used influencer marketing as part of your marketing mix?

How did it go?

Let us know in the comments



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