Social Media and Business

Social media… the majority of us use it in some form, maybe even multiple forms. Whether you use it to connect with your family and friends, keep up to date with the news, voice your opinions, follow celebrities, play games, follow your favourite brands, make purchases etc. (the list could go on forever), everyone has likely used it for some reason, at some point. I mean, you probably found this post from a social media platform.

Social media is not only used by the public but also by businesses, it is a great tool for marketing and should be integrated into the marketing strategy for any business. (you may be thinking ‘you work for a digital marketing company, you would say that’ but Black Rebel Group and other digital marketing companies wouldn’t exist if businesses weren’t seeing results from online and social media marketing.)

And here’s why…

It is soooooo cost effective! On most platforms it doesn’t cost you anything to set up a profile or a page, and the only real cost comes if you decide to run paid advertising or targeted campaigns.

The fact that you can target your content is also another great reason you should be utilising it for your business. you can target your content by geographic location, gender, age, interests, education, and even relationship status and that’s just on Facebook! There are also around 32 million Facebook accounts in the UK alone so imagine how many you could reach by just having an active business page on there.

Most of the major social media platforms have analytics dashboards so when you run targeted advertising or promotional campaigns you can keep track of how they are doing and if you need to change anything. You also get information about interactions and engagements on your profile/pages so you can see how your page is being received by your audience. And linking back to the cost effective point, you get the analytics for free on most platforms, just by creating a business profile or page.

With social media being a part of most people’s lives, it is likely that your competitors are also using it. However, if you are also using it, it can be an easy way of keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing and vice versa.

Your website and SEO will also benefit from you utilising social media. You’ll get more traffic by having a link to your website from your pages, which will also positively effect your SEO. You can also add links to your social media profiles/pages on your website to give your customers more ways to see your content and contact you.

Having social media profiles/pages for your business will make it a lot easier to interact and engage with your customers. It will make your brand more personal as they can contact you directly and get a response quickly if you actively monitor your page. This is good for building relationships with your customers and will allow you to easily deal with any problems that your customers may have. You will also get valuable insights into what consumers really think about your company through comments, posts, likes and reviews.

There are lots of different social media platforms and you don’t have to have them all in order to see results from them. You can even link your accounts together so you can post to them all simultaneously. However, don’t make a habit of this as some platforms display updates differently to others e.g. Twitter has a character limit and so your message will be cut off if it is longer than 144 characters. Even if you do post to them all individually, it is quick and easy to share content, you also have the benefit of being able to post multimedia content.

Brand awareness and exposure is also a big benefit of social media use for business, you can reach a lot of people just by posting with hashtags or doing a simple boosted/promoted post. Also, a little fact for you, adults are likely to follow brands on social media as it makes it easier to see content from  them, adults aged 18-34 are the most likely demographic to follow brands at 95% – so if your target market includes this demographic, social media is a must!

There’s a lot of great reasons you should be using social media in your marketing mix and honestly, if you’re not already using it, you need to be asking yourself why…





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