We are a small Barnsley based digital marketing company. Although a relatively new company, we are experienced in all the new happenings within social media, how it promotes and works for SME’s, search engine optimisation and also moving your business into the unknown of the digital era. Our aim is to give your business the profile and the publicity it needs to make sure its standing above your competition – why not match the quality that your business delivers to your clients, by having an established place within social media and maybe re-branding. With over thirty years experience in visual promotion and graphic design, we have moved with the times and learnt proven practices, to promote business. Our mission is to make digital media simple for all, but also giving you and your business the ability to reap the rewards.

After being primarily a ‘in-house’ marketing business that supported our associated businesses within the group. The marketing department was such a major success and we were asked many times to outsource, we decided to make it a company on its own and in 2015 the Black Rebel Group Limited was born.

We decided to start a blog so we could share our knowledge of digital marketing. We’ll be posting tips, top tens, social media reviews and articles and anything we think you’ll find useful if your a small business owner needing a little help to boost your online presence or broaden your knowledge.

If there’s something specific you want us to write about, don’t hesitate to get in touch through our contact page.